Flu shots and Vaccines

In Wisconsin, anyone of the age of 6 can be vaccinated by a licensed pharmacist. Stop by and see if we can help you with your vaccination requirements

Blood Pressure Measurements

Do you need to monitor your blood pressure on a regular basis? Come on in and let us help you manage your measurements.

Medicare Part D Consultation

Do you have questions about your Part D plan? Our pharmacists and technicians may be able to help you with your specific plan.

Medication Management Evaluations

Medication regimens can be confusing. Let one of our pharmacists evaluate your medications and work with your physician to ensure you are on the safest and most effective medication.

Pet Medications

Pets are part of the family too! We’ll take hard-to-swallow medications and turn them into a tasty liquid or chewable formulation. Your pet won’t be able to resist the beef, chicken, tuna, or liver flavors we have available for our furry friends.

Medication Compounding

Compounding medications allows the pharmacist to work with your physician to create a personalized treatment based on your specific medical needs. Our pharmacists can transform virtually any medication into a capsule, cream, liquid, or suppository that will help maximize your therapy. Compounding is beneficial for pain management, neuropathy and dermatology, but it is not limited to these therapeutic areas. Ask our pharmacist to see if compounding may be right for you.

Home Delivery

Sometimes you’re just not able to get to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription. No problem — we can deliver it right to your door, and we can mail prescriptions to any address in the state of Wisconsin. So, if your doctor is in Wausau and you live outside the area we can help.

Specialized Packaging

Do you find it hard to manage and count your medication on a daily basis? Do you care for a loved one on a complicated regimen with multiple medications? Let us help create a customized medication management solution that will help you or your loved one keep track of their prescriptions to ensure compliance and peace of mind.

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