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Partnered in Pharmacy

Young’s on Bridge Street in Wausau has partnered with the Village of Marathon City to provide daily deliveries to meet the community’s pharmacy needs.  Young’s, already serving nursing homes in your community, has worked with your village leadership to ensure pharmacy services will be delivered to families without leaving town.

Delivered to Your Door

Healthcare has changed dramatically in the past 10 years and so has the way healthcare is delivered.  By enrolling in a community partnership, Marathon City families, whether moms with kids, working parents, retired boomers, or busy seniors… well anyone… will no longer need to worry about a trip to Wausau, sitting on hold, or standing in lines.

Via the phone, the internet, or even a note back with the courier, our team at Young’s will make sure you are cared for right in your home and in your community.   Pharmacy services will be delivered directly to your door Monday to Friday during the evening when you are home to receive them.  Even mid day deliveries will be made available for urgent medication needs.

 Comprehensive Care

This is more than just getting a prescription filled.  Once enrolled,

  • Your family’s profiles will be monitored daily for changes; new doses or new medications delivered automatically.
  • A pharmacist will call you to go over the new medication and let you know it is on the way.
  • Your family’s daily medication will be coordinated to be due for refilling at the same time and delivered monthly.
  • You will be welcome to a sit down review of you or your family’s medication therapy.
  • Register emergency contacts to help us help aging parents stay safe in the home longer.
  • Order over-the- counter meds, toiletries, or vitamins for delivery.  We will keep a record for easy reorder.
  • Simply call us with requests … no pushing buttons.  Or order online using a smart phone app, best of both worlds.
  • Look forward to quarterly community immunization clinics and educational programs.



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